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Is your data secure? Could confidential customer information be stolen, or employee information be leaked? A Novus security assessment can tell you for sure. Many businesses only find out that it is not only AFTER damage has been done. Have viruses cost you time and money? A Novus security assessment can help keep future attacks from infecting you. Sleep easy – knowing your systems, and your customers’ data, is safe and secure. Call us today to learn more.

Are your people constantly swamped in paperwork? Do customers wait hours or even days for answers? Ask yourself: has your business outgrown your systems? A Novus custom solution can eliminate paperwork inefficiencies, and support further growth without adding staff. Unlike most ‘canned’ systems, a Novus custom solution conforms to how you do business, saving significant training expense. Integrate order and accounting systems, eliminate duplicate entry and manual searches, and automate daily routines. Get the most out of your staff, for less than you thought. Call us today, we’ll perform a free interview and prepare an analysis of your needs.

Do you know how your business is doing RIGHT NOW? Many companies are forced to wait weeks or months to make key decisions, because they cannot get the decision critical information faster. A Novus custom solution can give you and your management team immediate access to your data, as well as custom analysis tools designed to help you squeeze the most out of your resources. Shorten inventory cycles, reduce backorders, adjust staffing to fit fluctuating work loads. Call us today to learn how custom business management tools can improve your profitability.

Does your sales staff have the support they need? Do you know who your customers are? A Novus custom solution web integration can boost your marketing image enormously by creating an online presence where customers and vendors can obtain needed information. Most companies are sitting on a gold mine of customer demographic data, but few are able to fully tap into it. A Novus custom solution can provide your sales team with invaluable demographic data to generate leads, as well as P&L information to assist in pricing. Call us today to learn more!